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Friday, February 10, 2012

Husband of the Year

Ben and Niece Layla
I am so lucky to have my husband. He loves me so much and makes me laugh all the time. He also takes care of me when I need it, like when I am sick or hurt he waits on me hand and foot. I do the same for him, and he revels in it, but that’s why he returns the favor when I am benched on the couch, even though he has to force it on me.
Ben and Dharma - See more of my pics

Last weekend I hurt my back so bad that on Saturday I couldn’t walk to the bathroom without debilitating pain. I couldn’t sleep Saturday night because there was only one position that I was remotely comfortable in, and it was not one that I could sleep in. I took a second bath Saturday night (really Sunday morning) and that helped me enough that I could finally lie down without wanting to cry. I laid down at the same time my husband was getting up for work, and he gave me a quick massage with some Tiger Balm for sore muscles. Finally I was in little enough pain that I could fall asleep. I only slept from 5-9:30, but that was better than nothing. I spent the rest of the morning in bed, getting up frequently, but only to go to the bathroom and get back in bed. I finally moved to the couch where I could get in a more comfortable position (I didn’t go earlier because it was warmer in the bedroom than the living room).
Ben after getting a hole in 1 at Glow Golf

The worst part of this – if you don’t count the crippling pain – is the fact that I’m only 26 but my back was making me feel like I was about 80. Ben wouldn’t let me get up to do anything for myself, which was hard for me because I don’t like to sit still, and I don’t want to dump all the work on him. Because he isn’t used to doing all the work and because he is forgetful I had to remind him about doing laundry and then about putting the clothes in the dryer. I got into this mess because I was cleaning. Saturday morning I cleaned the living room and I was sitting on the floor and when I stood up something happened to my back.
Ben at Disneyworld driving the Cart with no hands

It took a lot of rest and plenty of massages and Tiger Balm to get me to where I knew I could work on Monday, and if it weren’t for my awesome husband I would not have had such a swift recovery. He continued to massage me and let me rest by cooking dinner half the week, until by Thursday and Friday the only pain I had was first thing in the morning up until I got to my office, and then my muscles relaxed enough that I could spend the rest of my day not even thinking about my back.
At Disneyworld with my Nephew 
(who didn't want his pic taken)

Bottom line is that I am very lucky to have a man that loves me enough to rub me down with stinky Tiger Balm three times a day, cook dinner and do laundry and wait on me hand and foot so that I can get better. He didn’t even try for sex all week because he knew I was hurting.

PS: I also have to add - he just told me that he found the papers I had written my blog about abortion on and he started in the middle. The part he started on was the part about owning up to your mistakes (that was the top of one page). He said he freaked out because he thought this was like a Dear John letter or something. Gave me a good laugh. 

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