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Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories

The songs, the garland, the decked out trees,
Bring back happy Christmas memories
Like the annual Christmas tree search
And playing an angel in the pageant at church

Singing carols from door to door
Until our noses are rosy and sore
Braving the cold for every exploit
Warm mugs of cocoa to end the night

Turkey dinner at grandma’s with uncles and aunts
The sight of so much good food makes tight our pants

The glittering lights, ornaments, tinsel and gifts
Step in the house and the spirit lifts
Home always filled with the scent of pine
But first and foremost in this memory of mine
Was the outpouring of love and joy making this season fine

So if I jump into Christmas too soon for your taste
And it seems I am making far too much haste
Remember my goal: to rediscover that feeling
The happy family, love, joy and peace so appealing

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