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I'm a 29 year old self identifying hippie and amateur photographer. I've been married since Summer 2006, and we started trying to get pregnant the summer of 2007, I have 2 cats and a dog, and I work as a secretary in a prison. This blog is about my battle with infertility and life, love, faith and happiness in the face of infertility. All pictures in the collage and those that I post in my entries were taken by me, unless otherwise stated (or if they are of me of course). Come visit my photography page to see more of my work here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hannah-Love-Chandlers-Photography/282550090053

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rachel and Leah

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Rachel and Leah
 It’s hard being an infertile in this world. Happy news of friend’s pregnancies is hard to hear and hard to be happy about. It doesn’t mean you wish harm on your best friend that gets pregnant every time her husband looks at her funny; it’s just that you wish that you could also feel some pregnancy joy firsthand. 
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Aren’t you glad that you aren’t Rachel, Jacob’s wife? In Genesis there are several stories of infertility, but I’d have to say that I think Rachel’s is the worst. Yes Sara was nearly 100 before she had a kid, but God promised her she would have a baby. She just had to wait patiently. Rachel had no such promise. On top of it, her husband was married to her sister also. And because Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah, God gave Leah babies, and denied them to Rachel. How would you like to feel like you were being punished because you were too beautiful and your husband loved you so much? It’s not your fault that he loves you more. It’s not his fault either, because he only wanted to marry you, but your father tricked him into marrying your sister first. Rachel had to watch her sister have 6 babies with her own husband, her maid have 2 babies with her husband, and her sister’s maid to have 2 babies with her husband, before she could experience pregnancy joy first hand! I had a hard time with it when my sisters got pregnant. But I thank God that I don’t live in an era where my sisters were married to my husband and having his children!
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God eventually blessed Rachel with a baby of her own. And that child grew up to be the second most powerful man in Egypt. He saved so many people in Egypt and the surrounding areas. Remember that God knows what He is doing. Even if His plan does not include giving you a child, you can be confident that He has good intentions towards you. And remember, be thankful that your husband doesn’t have other wives who are giving him children while you have to sit on the sidelines and watch.

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Jeremiah 29:11 I know the plans I have in mind for you, declares the Lord; they are plans for peace, not disaster, to give you a future filled with hope.

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