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Monday, November 21, 2011


Gabby - See more of my Photography
Thanksgiving is around the corner, and mine is going to be great! I get to go visit my mom, my husband will be there, my stepson, both of my sisters, both of my nieces, my brother-in-law and his little brother, my soon to be brother-in-law, and my aunt and uncle.


My nieces are the light of my life. They are so beautiful and awesome I just can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately one of my sisters lives in Texas, and like the mean lady she is she keeps her daughter all the way down there with her. My other sister lives near my mom on the other side of Tennessee from me, so I get to see her and her daughter a little more often, but not nearly often enough. Layla is 2 and a half years old and has so much energy. The last time I went to see her I was sitting on the floor and she would run across the living room and jump into my arms, and then run away and do it all over again. At one point she was standing next to me and suddenly just jumped into my arms, luckily I was quick enough to catch her; she just jumped with full confidence in her invincibility and my capability of catching her.

Gabby and daddy - John
My other niece is Gabby almost 2 years old, and I’ve only seen her twice (plus seen her through video chat once). She is also beautiful and does some really cute stuff, but because I haven’t been around her as much I don’t have any stories of my own about her.

It is an extremely rare occasion when the whole family gets together. It hasn’t happened that all three girls with families have been together in over 4 years since we all moved away from Michigan. Both my husband and I love being around kids, so this holiday will be a wonderful one, though it will probably leave us wanting a baby that much more by the time Sunday rolls around. Maybe that will be a good motivator and conversation starter to start thinking about getting this process started again. 

Layla and Ben (My husband)

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