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Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't Ignore the Signs of Infertility

Don’t ignore the signs of infertility in yourself. The World Health Organization defines infertility as a disease, and when we used the definition of disease to dissect infertility we came to the conclusion that infertility qualifies as a disease. So educate yourself and then don’t ignore the signs of infertility. If you had severe pain in your arm and it was all swollen and red you’d go to the doctor and get it checked out. We tend to want to ignore the signs that point to the undesirable fact that something might be wrong, especially if you aren’t physically in pain.

But infertility IS a disease. As you age your chances of getting pregnant decreases (even if you never had any fertility issues) so it’s better to do something about it now. Even if you don’t want to have kids right now, if you see the signs of infertility in yourself still get checked out. Some things that can cause infertility often have other side effects that affect your health and general wellbeing. For example, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can have emotional side effects (like depression), weight gain, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and more.

If you are trying to have kids and it’s been 6 months, go get checked out. if you are in your early 20’s you can wait a year, but sometimes it just takes a couple of visits to find out what’s wrong, start treatment and get pregnant. For many women PCOS can be treated with a simple medication called Metformin, which can start you ovulating again and get you pregnant. While we all wish it was so easy for us, why not find out if it is that easy for you? It may be desirable to push it under the rug and pretend that you aren’t having any problems, but with fertility time is of the essence, and wouldn't you rather have your bundle of joy sooner than later?

Don’t ignore the signs of infertility. Treatment for what is causing your infertility can make your days more pleasant, and even extend your time here on this beautiful earth. If nothing else maybe it will give you peace of mind knowing that nothing is wrong or that you are facing what is wrong head on and dealing with it.

The links below have more information about infertility and NIAW.

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